Pre-Session Guide

Family Sessions

Thank you for booking your portrait session with Love + Light Photography Please take the few minutes to read through this guide.  This guide will  know: how to get the most out of your photography session, what to expect, and what to avoid.  I am committed to creating beautiful art for the walls of your family's home. I strive to preserve moments in time that you and your family will cherish for generations.  I specialize in capturing the personalities and emotions that your family shares. I’m honored to guide you through every step of the way.

Miranda Rohe

Photographer & Founder, Love + Light Photography


Reminders for a Successful Shoot:

  • Realistic Expectations:  Your child’s natural behavior enhances the shoot.  It allows photos to tell the story of your child’s nature.   It’s natural for children to test limits.  Usually once a child realizes that I’m a “fun grown-up” it’s fairly easy for me to get their cooperation.  That said, if I feel it is necessary I may request your assistance.  Otherwise  just roll with it because after all, kids will be kids! Please avoid having your child practice smiling before the shoot. Practice smiles often result in "cheesy grins" that aren't the most photogenic. I should know, my son is an expert in giving toothy "cheese faces". 


  • No Helicopters:  I know, I know. I'm guilty too. it’s a parental instinct however, please avoid hovering behind me waving or calling out to your child to try to get them to look toward me while I'm shooting.   When this happens the child will look right past my camera at you which disrupts their eye contact with the camera.  Engaging the baby or child I’m photographing results in great eye contact with my cameral.  I will definitely ask you for assistance with the smile if I feel I need help. Lastly, I do ask that you please relay this to all adults participating in the shoot.


  • Relax, this is supposed to be fun!:  The more relaxed you are about the experience the better the pictures.  Laughter and playfulness is expected and perfection is not what we are trying to achieve.  It’s not interesting. Treat this as a wonderful opportunity for teamwork and family-time in a beautiful location. 


  • Remember the Goal:  One beautiful shot of your family displayed proudly on your wall? A gorgeous gallery for all your social media friends to compliment? Chances are you’ll have so many wall worthy shots that it’ll be hard to narrow it down. Just knowing this should be reason enough to smile for the camera!


  • Be on Time: This will guarantee that you’ll have many images to choose from. I schedule the shoot so that we have the best light possible.  But keep in mind, we do run out of daylight at a certain point.


  • Get Comfy:  Please make sure that everyone’s basic needs are met; food, naps, warm clothing, etc.  Be sure to scroll down to read the clothing suggestion portion of this page. 


  • Communicate with Me:  Let me know if there’s a certain shot that would mean a lot to you. Feel free to ask me any questions and please fill out the family questionnaire.  It’s helpful for me to have some insight about your family.


  • Communicate with your Family:  Let your family know why you’re doing photos and how important they are to you.  This helps your family get on board.  Typically moms are the ones who book the shoot.  However, when dads and kids also have an opportunity to look at examples and get an idea of what they want from the shoot, they're more invested. 



Frequently Asked Questions;


What if I need to postpone or miss my appointment?

Life happens! Illness, family emergencies, stress, etc. The more notice that I have the more easily I can fill your spot.  Because I have limited space available for bookings, once your spot is reserved, I turn away other inquiries for that date. That said, all cancellation/reschedules” with less than 7 day’s notice require a $50 rescheduling fee.  If you request a reschedule with plenty of notice (8+ days) I will waive the fee, space permitting.  Please be aware that during the busy Fall season, there is very little room for schedule adjustments.


What if I’m late to my appointment? 

 I understand that getting out the door with kids can be an ordeal.  Believe me, I've been late for school drop off more than my fair share. Remember, we are timing the shoot for the ideal outdoor light angles and the more time we have together before the sun sets the more images you’ll have to choose from. It can be hard to smile at a camera when you’re overwhelmed with the stress of running late.  If you find yourself running late to the session,  give me a call on my cell phone so that we can plan accordingly. We will use it as an opportunity to come up with a plan for getting the most important images before the sun sets.  Understand that late starts result in less images overall.


The weather’ is bad, are we still on? 

 Your shoot will go on whether sunshine or clouds.  If it’s raining and I’m concerned, I will contact you early in the day to discuss options.  Overcast skies can actually be the most beautiful because you won’t be squinting and there won’t be any harsh shadows.  Plan to just go with the flow.  


How will I be able to see the photo proofs?  

Within three weeks of the session you will be sent a link to a private image viewing gallery. From this gallery you will select the images you wish to purchase. 


On the Day of your Session:

  • Double check that you have my Cell Number in your phone: 315-778-7705

  • Make sure that you are certain about the meeting spot, directions, and time.

  • Good items to have on hand in your Purse or Bag: Baby Wipes. Chapstick/Lipstick. Face Powder. Eye Drops. Treat for the Kids (no lollipops). Snacks/Drinks. Keys. One Cell Phone. Flip flops for mom if she’s wearing heels.

  • Stuff to leave in the car:  Extra Cell Phones.  Sunglasses.  Please arrive with empty pockets.


Coordinating Clothing for a Family/Group Session:

What should we wear?  It's up to you. Everyone in the group can wear jeans and matching shirts,  but I’d rather you didn’t.

It’s best if I can capture your family’s unique style.

  • Choose a common theme of color and formality.

  • Choose 2-3 colors and have everyone wear at least one article of clothing in one or more of those colors.

  • Choose clothing that makes you feel confident and attractive.
  • No need to match each other, that's not how you normally dress right?
  • No bold designs, wording or logos.  Think solid colors and subtle patterns.
  • It’s best to avoid white and very light-colored clothing.  Given the fact that we’re shooting outdoors: avoid whites, light yellows, light pastels, and creams if you want the best images possible.
  • Think about style.  Are we shooting at the beach, in a field, on a city street? How would you dress to convey the story? 


For Kids:


Follow the directions above regarding choosing a common theme of color and formality to coordinate with the family. After the more formal family portraits we’ll have play time so feel free to bring some hats, tutus, or favorite toys.  Be sure to tell me about these before we get started.  It’s ok to bring some little candy treats as a reward for good behavior., no lollipops please. They tend to result in colorful mouths. 


For ideas on how to coordinate without being too "matchy" check out my family session Pinterest board here